Since 2008: Boutique- Showroom- Workshop, in Paris 10, 34 rue des Petites Ecuries
2007-2008: Opening of the first Marie Labarelle's shop in the Marais, Paris
2006: Registration at the Chambre des Métiers, Paris
2005: Business incubator: GEAI, Boutique de Gestion de Paris
April 2004: First fashion show: "The fairy private room" in Paris
boudoir imaginaire
The fairy private room photography: Stefan Hoareau
2002: Marie Labarelle starts making her own clothes and people want to buy them
2002-2004: Contemporary art guide in Paris, Palais de Tokyo
2001: Degree in architecture
1995- 2001: Architecture studies, in Strasbourg, Paris and Delft (Netherlands)



Artistic collaborations and exhibitions:

Since 2010: costumes for french singer Camille, with Robyn Orlin choreographer, "Ilo Veyou" tour, "OUï" tour
Photography: Armelle Bouret
August 2011: Artist in Residence, Pondicherry, India
February 2011: Performance at the Collège des Bernardins, with Marie Barbottin, dancer
July 2009: Workshop with Yusai Okuda, Master Dyer in Kyoto, Japan
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Photography: Matthieu Gauchet
April 2009: French Spring in Asia: Exhibition, workshop and performance in Jakarta and Yogyakarta (Indonésia)
December 2008: Exhibition at the Ateliers de Paris, "Mutations"
November 2007: costumes for french singer Mell
May 2007: costumes for solo dancer Marie Barbottin with pianist David Greilsammer, "Fantaisie-Fantasme", CDNS
marie b
Photography: Matthieu Gauchet 
Autumn 2005: costumes for theater, "Alice machine", Autopsia company
alice machine
Photography: JC Lebreton 
October 2005: costumes for Morcheeba's singer, concert at the Grand Rex