Clothes have a soul: take care of them. 

Marie Labarelle's clothes have been conceived with creativity and attention.

The materials used are as beautiful and interesting as possible since what is pleasant to work on is pleasant to wear.
Our suppliers are dedicated to associating both know-how and innovation. The production of small quantities is put into the care of workshops, carefully chosen and known for the attention and love that they put into their work.

We are convinced that 'making', is the reflection of our thoughts, and therefore much of our personality is brought out into the fabric that we transform.

The garment has its own story and has been passed on from one dedicated professional to another. 
When it is  yours, up to you to make its story more complete...


Fabrics are wowen in CEE.

Marie Labarelle's clothes are made in Paris, France.

The clothes presented on this website are produced in limited series and are available in a variety of different materials and colors.

A number of exclusive models are available at the Workhop-Boutique but are not presented on this website 
(this generally applies to models that have been reedited as classics or as one-off pieces).

Sizes range from 34-36 (extra small) to 44 (extra large) according to the model; some of them are one-sized. 

Please contact us for more details: 00 33+(0)1 44 83 94 47