17 février 2012

Marie Labarelle Timeline

Since 2008: Boutique- Showroom- Workshop, in Paris 10, 34 rue des Petites Ecuries 2007-2008: Opening of the first Marie Labarelle's shop in the Marais, Paris   2006: Registration at the Chambre des Métiers, Paris 2005: Business incubator: GEAI, Boutique de Gestion de Paris April 2004: First fashion show: "The fairy private room" in Paris   The fairy private room photography: Stefan Hoareau   2002: Marie Labarelle starts making her own clothes and people want to buy them 2002-2004: Contemporary art guide in... [Lire la suite]
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16 février 2012

A portrait written after long conversations at the workshop, by Isabelle Van Welden*

MARIE LABARELLE, CLOTHES DESIGNER  (Excerpt) © January 2011   Texte traduit du français à l'anglais par Sika Fakambi. By way of a shop sign, a mere thread of white painting, as though unreeled from a spool, runs on the front window. A thread from the fabric, a thread from the seam, a thread from the thoughts, the thread of dreams or times – it signals this place “of all possibilities” where Marie Labarelle designs and creates clothes for women, following the course of her many travels – real or imaginary. ... [Lire la suite]
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